Energia Trading International

Our trading activities

Trade physical energy
and commodities

We trade physical energy and commodities in order to respond
to the needs in the most efficient way. 

and logistics

We manage all the logistics, invoicing and contracts, and
make sure to abide local and international laws and regulations.

and distribution

We store and distribute our
physical energy and commodities, always on time and according to schedule.

ETI operations and shipping

At first glance, the operation and shipping department appears to be concerned with moving product from one location to another while managing all the risks and difficulties that go along with it. At ETI, we take pride in our extensive expertise, which increases our efficiency and allows us to manage and mitigate all the risks related to the loading, transport, and discharge of the commodities. 

Often seen as the backbone of the trading business, our mission is to carry out all the various trade-related tasks, including logistics, invoicing, contracts management, claims management, and quality and quantity determination. We always make sure to abide by local and international laws and regulations. 

Our operators have their own charter party that protects the company’s interests in the best manner, it has the expertise to charter various vessel sizes for their operations whether on spot or time charter basis. 

Although every operation and every shipment is different and consequently calls for a particular approach and understanding, our aim is to arrive on time and according to schedule. ETI means offering specialized solutions for the intricate energy industry while continuously defending the interests of the business. 

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